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Latasha is a psychotherapist and national speaker with nearly two decades of experience. Her services include outpatient psychotherapy for temporary or chronic emotional health issues.

Latasha is a native of Maryland, but has lived in NC for the past 17 years. Her approach to therapy is to help individuals develop the necessary skills to overcome life’s challenges and create healthier lifestyle patterns.

Latasha holds a Certificate of Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care from University of Michigan, which allow her to help patients and primary care professionals understand the connection between physical and emotional heath. She also has a specialization in oncology to help patients and their families cope with distress that comes with a cancer diagnosis.

Latasha completed her graduate education at University of Maryland at Baltimore and went on to pursue advance clinical training in psychodynamic psychotherapy at the Institute of Clinical Social Work in Chicago.

She received her PhD from Institute for Clinical Social Work in Chicago, IL.

Her approach to therapy is to help individuals develop the necessary skills to overcome current challenges and create healthier lifestyle patterns. She integrates complementary care to offer a tailored approach to each client.

Latasha has provided corporate workshops and seminars for the City of Charlotte and other area employers in a variety of areas pertinent to workplace challenges. She is a certified trainer of Managing Aggressive Behaviors (MAB) through University of Oklahoma Outreach, a program that emphasizes prevention intervention strategies.

She conducts continuing education seminars for healthcare professionals nationwide on managing challenging patient and family behaviors.

Her passion for mental and behavioral health is exemplified by her role as field instructor for various universities. She has trained students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, UNC Charlotte, University of North Dakota, Old Dominion University, University of Texas at Arlington, and Norfolk State University.

As a registered yoga teacher, Latasha values mind and body synergy as the path to serenity.