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Social distancing at IPN offices

Iredell Psychiatry is welcoming patients to a new normal, implementing enhanced safety protocols that offer patients the same quality of care they have grown to expect from all Iredell Physician Network offices while also providing peace of mind.

With continued diligence in cleaning practices, Iredell Psychiatry has new procedures and practices that will keep patients and staff safe as in-person visits increase.


Man at laptopSchedule a virtual visit!

Worried about going to the Iredell Psychiatry office during COVID-19?

We can now assist our patients over the phone or through video.

Call 704.380.3620 to schedule your virtual visit.


Latasha Ellis

Latasha is a psychotherapist and national speaker with nearly two decades of experience. Her services include outpatient psychotherapy for temporary or chronic emotional health issues.

Latasha is a native of Maryland, but has lived in NC for the past 17 years. Her approach to therapy is to help individuals develop the necessary skills to overcome life’s challenges and create healthier lifestyle patterns.

Latasha holds a PhD from Institute for Clinical Social Work in Chicago, IL. Her Certificate of Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care from University of Michigan allows her to help patients and primary care professionals understand the connection between physical and emotional heath.


Dealing with stress

Stress is a little like rain and paying taxes. You typically don't enjoy it, but it's hard to avoid.

Nevertheless, we can take charge of it. By changing the things you can change and taking good care of yourself, you may be able to more effectively manage life's everyday pressures.

Get enough sleep. A good night's rest will help keep down levels of stress hormones in your body and generally make you feel better. Doing something relaxing, such as reading or listening to quiet music before bed, may make it easier to sleep if the day's problems are keeping you awake.

Is it depression?

You wouldn't put off going to the doctor if you had a broken leg. And if you cut your hand, you would bandage it. So why is it so common for depression to go untreated?

Depression, which can be more debilitating than bodily aches and pains, is an illness that is often misunderstood or unrecognized.

Many depressed people may not receive appropriate treatment because they think of depression as a personal weakness, don't recognize the symptoms or are too disabled to ask for help.

New patients welcome.

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Latasha Ellis, LCSW, OSW-C, RYT
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