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Amy H. Singleton, MD, FAPA

Amy Singleton, MD FAPA, is an accomplished, Board Certifed psychiatrist with more than a decade of experience. Specializing in general adult psychiatry, she treats patients who are facing temporary or
chronic mental health issues.

The Statesville native received her Doctoral Degree from East Carolina School of Medicine. She completed her residency in psychiatry at Wake Forest School of Medicine, where she went on to serve as an Associate Professor.

She enjoys being an active member of the Statesville community where she lives with her husband and daughter.

Is it depression?

You wouldn't put off going to the doctor if you had a broken leg. And if you cut your hand, you would bandage it. So why is it so common for depression to go untreated?

Depression, which can be more debilitating than bodily aches and pains, is an illness that is often misunderstood or unrecognized.

Many depressed people may not receive appropriate treatment because they think of depression as a personal weakness, don't recognize the symptoms or are too disabled to ask for help.

Mental illness facts

Misconceptions about mental illness abound. And too often, they get in the way of proper treatment. These facts can help set the record straight.

Mental illness is a medical condition. Research shows that mental illnesses are disorders of the brain that can be diagnosed and treated. Brain-imaging techniques reveal physical differences between the brains of healthy people and the brains of mentally ill people.

Mental illness can happen to anyone. Nearly 1 in 5 American adults lives with a mental illness. These illnesses affect people of every race, socioeconomic class, education level and culture.

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Amy H. Singleton, MD, FAPA
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